Here it is. Due to popular request, the Body Butter Sample Set.

Having a hard time trying to figure out which body butter to choose from? How about making life a little easier and choosing 3 of the 10 offered? There are 3 under the category of MEN.

These samples are 1 oz. and will give you an idea of what you may want to add to your grooming regimen. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Choices are:
I. Refresh - Clean. Invigorating. Subtle pick me up.

II. Almond Delight - Delicious. Delectable.

III. Tropical Breeze - Easy Breezy. Calming. Restoring.

IV. Coconut Bliss - Fun in the Sun.

V. Sandalwood - Mysteriously enticing with a grounding effect.

VI. Floral Essence - Bouquet of Serenity

VII. Frankincense & Myrhh - Grounding.Woody.Spiritually Medicinal.

Skin Hydration (click under link labeled MEN for further info)

UNSCENTED - Speaks for itself

CITRUS WOOD - Sharp, crisp woody base notes with a citrus
top note

ISLAND SPICE - Scented with sweet and spicy essential oils
from the Caribbean

***When checking out, state which 3 butters you would like in the comments section.*****